"She is beauty, she is strength, she is generosity, she is wisdom. 

In every aspect of her role as coach and consultant, Sharon personifies a perfect balance between art and science. She gracefully embodies juxtaposed terms such as thoughtful and bold, compassionate and skilled, smart and funny. 

Sharon is successful in her relationships because she invites authentic connection. She listens carefully and with intuition, and she sees the leader inside her clients. She then helps them to see it, too. Sharon is courageous in pursing the truth about what is blocking people from thriving. And she has a passion for empowering others by purposefully looking for the whole person. In listening to her clients, she understands what makes them tick and then leads them to their strength. 

I feel very fortunate to have met Sharon. It is a pleasure to know her, and it is a gift to benefit from all she has to offer this world as a coach and as a friend." 

Arleen Gomez

Director, National Service Quality at Kaiser Permanente


"I have known Sharon for many years and always been impressed by her ability to inspire and enable you to envision and reach your personal goals.

She has an innate sense of what I am capable of, sometimes even more so than I am. Her gentle yet firm course corrections have consistently increased my performance and pushed me to best self.

She has a reassuring and confident presence; a grace and dignity that seems almost of another time. Yet her insights and advice are firmly rooted in the here and now. I have benefited greatly from my work with Sharon and look forward to many more years of working together in the future. "

N. Hunt

President and CEO, Medical Device Manufacturer