Be your possibilities

I am a Co-Active® coach, professional trainer and strength and conditioning specialist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I work with clients one on one, or in teams in organizations, to build strong minds, bodies and spirits. I believe we have the greatest positive impact on our work and those around us when we examine and honor our real strengths and limits - and live our most possible, connected life.

I love to enable transformation. It gives me hope for myself and for the challenging world my kids will enter soon. I’ve spent years helping women become leaders, business owners and balancers of the complex lives we lead.

Now I offer:

  • One-on-one personal, physical and professional coaching
  • Team collaboration and brainstorming skills coaching
  • Leadership and empowerment coaching

I believe the actions we take that are rooted in what’s most alive in our souls will have the greatest impact on our worlds. Want to explore your possibilities for a more hopeful, fulfilled life? Let's schedule time to get to work.

For one on one coaching sessions, please use the online scheduler below:

Organizations, for classes and workshops, please email me at