Who I am


I’ve had an amazing career over the last 20 years that’s enabled me to leverage my best self to serve the companies and people I care about most. Now I’m passionate about helping other women to be strong, compassionate and effective leaders in all areas of their lives. Through Co-Active® and holistic health coaching practices, and expertise as a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), we can uncover a mind-body integrated life balance that will serve your unique purpose.

My goal is to help you to shine your brightest light on the work and people closest to your heart.

Reflecting back, I can connect the dots to understand where my natural creativity and my interests in personal growth and holistic health all found places to glow. My journey has made me well rounded - and as comfortable in a corporate setting as in a classroom or behind, or in front of, a camera.

My career moved organically from speechwriter to photographer to creative marketer for a tech company in the boom years of the late 1990s. Most recently, I spent 14 years on the founding team that built one of the first and largest luxury studio fitness franchises in the US. In my leadership role for The Bar Method, I was blessed to coach and train hundreds of teachers and studio owners in all aspects of developing their personal and professional mastery. I was deeply inspired by the women entrepreneurs I worked so closely with as they changed their careers and developed richly connected communities through their passion for fitness.

I am a listener, an advocate and a champion for others

Do you know what your values are?

Do you know what kind of work fulfills you?

Is it the same as when you were in grad school or on your wedding day - or as a new mom? 

Find what you stand for, for real, today. Then, even the most mundane tasks needed to get there will feel lifted by intention. 

I am whole as I am. You are whole as you are. We are not broken. All my pieces are still here, inside, untouched by damaging experiences inflicted on me by others or by my own choices.

I believe we shine when we are not striving, but allowing, our bodies and lives to flourish. 

Whether we are working on your physical or career wellness, together we can:

  • Mine for your values and a purpose statement that feels true to you today.

  • Set goals that will lead you toward your purpose.

  • Design holistic health and lifestyle plans that set you on a path toward your goals.

  • Align all areas of your life around your truth and watch as you blossom into the powerful, blessed self you were made to be.